Interest – Free Instant Loan

Currently, there are three loan services available to obtain an interest-free instant nip. The loan services are Silver loan, Loan24 and Good Finance. However, none of the services offer instant messaging without interest to old customers, but only to new customers.

Depending on the service, non-interest bearing or non-interest bearing loan periods are 14 to 30 days and the exact billing date will be determined upon application.

How much is it possible to get instant nip without interest?


How much instant nipple without interest depends on the company. The amounts vary between 10 and 5000 euros. The largest interest-free instant leverage is provided by this Silver loan promo code. Listed below are more detailed information on non-interest bearing fast levers.

Good Finance offers new customers a 14-day non-interest-bearing quick bond. Good Finance can buy non-interest bearing instant up to $ 4,000 . The free and interest-free instant loan has a maturity of 14 days, after which the cost of the loan is in accordance with the price list.

In practice, this is a 14-day cancellation right that Good Finance markets to its new customers. This allows the product to be tested risk-free for 14 days, but if the quick release is not canceled during this time, it will be charged at normal cost.

If the quick release is not canceled during the no-frills period, the nominal annual interest is 19.97% and the account management fee is 12 $ / month. There are no other costs for the loan .

Older customers also have occasional quick bids, but at the moment Good Finance does not have an active promotional campaign for them.

Good Finance Flexible can be applied for by any Finn over the age of 21 who has no payment default entries. The first loan is paid between 7am and 11pm and additional withdrawals can be made at Good Finance at any time of the day.

Offers new customers an interest-free loan


Loan24 offers new customers an interest-free instant alert for one month. An interest-free instant nip can be obtained according to the credit line granted by Loan24 . The credit line is 100 – 4000 $ and it depends entirely on the applicant’s financial situation. You can find out your credit line by making a free application.

Although Loan24 offers an interest-free instant nip for new customers, it is not completely free. Loan24 will also charge an account management fee for the non-interest-bearing period of between $ 0.75 and $ 12. The account management fee is determined by the amount of the instant gratuity to be increased. However, this is not a big expense.

After the interest-free quick draw, the other costs of the loan are in accordance with the price list. After the non-interest-bearing period, the nominal interest rate of 19.92% is added to the loan in addition to the account management fee.

Loan24 can be applied for by any Finn over the age of 19 who has no payment default entries.

Silver loan normally does not offer new customers benefits, but the interest-free instant nibble is only available with a discount code . As a product, Silver loan has a Flexibility credit of up to $ 5,000.

You can withdraw from your Silver loan flexible credit account within your own credit line. The costs of a flexible loan consist of a nominal interest rate and an account management fee. There are no separate withdrawal fees in the product.

The Limited Time Flexibility Credit is free with the promo code Juliet , which gives new customers up to $ 5,000 in Flexibility Credits for one month . The code we received is valid until further notice, so be sure to take advantage of it. For more detailed instructions on how to use the code, please see our Silver loan corporate presentation.

The Silver loan flexible credit offer is for new customers only. After the no-frills period, Silver loan has a nominal interest rate of 20.00% and an account management fee of 3.65% of the loan amount per year.

Any Finn over 18 years of age with regular income and sound financial management can apply for a loan from Silver loan.

Differences in interest-free loan offers


The above loan offerings are slightly different. In practice, the biggest differences at the time the loan is granted are the age limit, the amount of credit and the time of payment. The loan product in all services is the same for the offer; flexible credit.

After the offer, the loan products differ slightly in terms of pricing. Good Finance always has a nominal interest rate of 19.97% and an account management fee of $ 12 if the credit is in use. Loan24 charges a $ 0.75 – $ 12 account management fee on the available credit and the nominal interest rate is slightly lower for Loan24; 19.92%. Silver loan has the highest price list, as it charges an interest rate of 3.65% per annum on the loan, in addition to the 20% nominal interest rate.

There are also differences in the services with regard to minimum tranches. Good Finance has the lowest minimum tranche; 3% of the outstanding loan balance or at least $ 40, whichever is greater.

The minimum monthly installment to be paid by Silver loan is 8.5% of the customer’s total credit account debt, with a minimum of $ 50 or the balance remaining. If the 8.5% payment is less than $ 50, then the payment will be $ 50. If the balance is less than $ 50, the balance is the balance. Loan24 does not accurately indicate the size of the minimum installment, but the size of the installments can be estimated using the loan calculator on our site.

Pay your interest-free instant call back in time


In order to be interest-free and free of charge, an instant nipple must be repaid on time. You will be charged if your 14-day cancellation period is exceeded. The good thing about flexible loans is that you can make changes to your repayment plan according to your ability to pay. For example, if you take out a $ 1,000 loan, you can pay it back in one go or in a minimum installment. This gives you flexibility if you are not able to repay the loan at once.

For example, at Good Finance, the minimum monthly payment of $ 1,000 on a loan is $ 40. Good Finance’s repayment policy is therefore the most flexible of the loan offers .

When you pay off your interest-free instant early, it will be easier to get a new and possibly bigger loan from that company in the future.