Know the loan options for wage earners

Do you need money and do not know the best loan option for you that works and can prove income? Want to know what options are available for salaried employees?

The payroll deductible loan is one of the loans available to the employee.

Below, Bom Pra Crédito clarifies what credit modalities are available to those who have a formal contract.

Personal loan

Personal loan

The personal loan is the most common type of loan among employees. This is because, unlike what happens in the payroll loan , the portion is not deducted from the payroll and there is no assignable margin, that is, the value of the loan is defined with criteria of the bank or financial credit analysis .

Those who do not have a formal contract, but receive a salary or have proof of income also have a chance to get a personal loan with installments that fit in the pocket. The Good Credit has a complete guide with everything about personal loan , worth checking out.

Loan with property or vehicle guarantee

Loan with property or vehicle guarantee

The loan with guarantee of property or vehicle is a modality of credit available to salaried employees. As the name suggests, the property or vehicle as collateral for payment is an incentive for the borrower to repay the debt on time.

Self-employed or individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) also have a chance to obtain a loan with property or vehicle guarantee, since the employment or income, in this case, is not the only option to discharge the loan.

Get a quote now and see the best rates for your loan with real estate collateral or vehicle warranty .

Payroll deductible loan

The payroll deductible payroll loan is a credit available to those who have a formal contract and works in a private company in agreement with the bank.

In most cases, since the portion of the loan is deducted directly from the salary, that is, even before the payment falls on the account, the payroll loan has one of the lowest interest rates on the credit market.

The assignable margin defines the maximum payable loan amount available to the employee, which usually does not exceed 35% of the salary, in addition to defining the amount of the installment.

Anticipation of the 13th salary

Learn about salary loan options

Banks usually make available to the account holders the option of anticipating the 13th salary and paying the loan when they receive the benefit. But is it worth anticipating the 13th to pay off debts?

Well, if you have outstanding debts and waiting for the 13th to arrive to remove them, it is worth evaluating the conditions of the anticipation of the 13th salary.

You can also choose another type of credit , not to compromise your 13th salary and get rid of the arrears as soon as possible.

After all, nobody wants to arrive at the end of the year with pending and use the 13th to pay debts. So, try to solve this situation.



The overdraft is nothing more than an emergency loan that the bank makes available to employees. The overdraft limit can be used for purchases, withdrawals, bill payments, and transfers.

But so much ease comes with a price: overdraft interest is one of the highest in the credit market . Banks not only usually release the limit for those who are salaried, but also for those who move the account and have no credit restriction.

Although it is a practical credit, overdraft is not the best option for anyone who is in need of urgent cash.

What better loan for those who have a formal contract?

What better loan for those who have a formal contract?

Those who have a formal contract, that is, are salaried, can get a paycheck with lower interest rates.

Direct payroll discount, although simple, should also be seen as a commitment.

For example, if there is voluntary or involuntary termination, the loan continues to exist and must be paid without delay.

The personal loan is not deducted from the salary, but even so you need to organize your finances in order not to lose your salaries.

I am a salaried employee and I have a dirty name. Do I get a loan?

It is very difficult to get loan with credit restriction ( dirty name ), even if you have how to prove income (salaried or not).

The banks and the financiers understand that if you have a salary then why have not you paid your overdue bills? If you want to have access to credit, the best thing to do is negotiate your outstanding debts .

Do not be afraid: clarify where your debt is and what options are available for negotiation. The path to financial growth is, first, to have no debt.

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